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Commercial Debt Recovery

Smart Global Recovery Management Sdn. Bhd.


Credit Management has been collecting business debt for over 10 years and is one of the most experienced and effective commercial debt recovery agencies in the MALAYSIA. Our success is a result of experience, training and a thorough understanding of the law as it applies to commercial disputes. We are able to penetrate through to the issues quickly; we resolve issues amicably and ensure our clients’ interests are always protected.

Dedicated Commercial Team

Our Commercial Team is all trained in commercial debt collection strategies, contract law and litigation and all of our collections are conducted professionally, courteously and compliantly. We work extremely hard on your behalf to both maximize recovery and maintain your good relationship with your customers. Your reputation is safe with us.


Quality Assured and Treating Customers Fairly

Treating Customers Fairly underpins our whole approach to consumer debt recovery. All of our processes are designed to maximize liquidity in a manner which promotes positive customer outcomes. We believe that this approach is not only fair, but ultimately achieves far better results for all parties.


The Debt Collection sector is heavily regulated and we take compliance very seriously. In addition to all of the mandatory requirements we have acquired many enhanced standards. Whether they are sector specific as with healthcare or of general applicability such ISO9001 and ISO27001 they all serve to enhance the quality of our service.


Training and monitoring

We operate a strict regime of call monitoring. Our state of the art telephone system enables managers and supervisors to monitor all calls in real time as well as routinely review all calls made by any member of staff. All staff has undertaken a thorough training process and have all passed the Credit services Association Collector Accreditation Initiative.

Legally Trained Collectors

Unlike many of our competitors, all of our collectors are legally trained. They have the knowledge and skill to negotiate the best possible outcome in sometimes quite challenging circumstances.

Telephone Call Recording

All of our telephone calls are recorded. Not only do we use this for training it is also important to us that our clients can access these recordings whenever they are required.

Any issue or misunderstanding can be quickly and easily resolved by listening to the call.

Day ,Evening& Weekend Calls

Successful collection is all about communication. Our Consumer Collections Team work from 9.00 am to 6.00 pm Monday to Friday and 9.00 am to 1.00 pm on Saturday this greatly enhances our prospects of making contact with your customers which, in turn, is far more likely to result in a positive outcome.

Installment Negotiation

Installment negotiation is a vital part of our collection strategy. We make it as easy as possible for your customers to set up and maintain installment plans by providing a wide variety of payment options. We then manage the whole installment process, from negotiation, set up, taking payments and managing defaulters.

Optional Trace Service

We employ specialist Trace Agents who can be called upon if collectors are unable to locate your customers. Our trace agents are highly experienced and have the tools and ability to trace people around the MALAYSIA as well as around the world. There is a fee for this service which is negotiable depending on the number of cases referred.

Optional Site Visit Service

We have a fully trained and experienced field officers who can provide personal contact with your customer anywhere in the MALAYSIA .Our officers call at an address up to three times, in the day, in the evening and if necessary, weekends (subject to giving adequate notice to the customer of the time and date of the visit).Our field officers are authorized and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority and are compliant with their rules and regulations

Dispute Resolution

We focus on identifying issues early and pursuing the best possible dispute resolution in the most effective way. We aim to implement the best possible strategy in order to achieve your objectives.

Immediate Same Day Action

We aim to process all referred cases within 24 hours. However, most new referrals are entered on the day they are received. During the data entry process we undertake database searches and tracing to ensure the contact details supplied are correct. Thereafter,letters,scheduled telephone calls, emails and sms messages are all automated. Although we do not promise to collect your debts within 24 hours, it can and does happen.